In 2018 we started Brussels Bubbles. Because we believe in this concept. That it is good for the EU and journalism. That we really provide something the people in Brussels and beyond are waiting for. We made some episodes of our show. It is pionering, but a lot of fun to make. We get better every time. Now it is time for us to take the next step. To grow – in online, quality and impact.

Our goals

  • We want to grow in online:
    • Now our show is live with a livestream. We wan to grow to a full hybrid show: live and online. That requires good equipment (light, video, sound)
  • We want to grow in quality:
    • Have more editors to prepare stories, write our monologues and chase the best reporters. But also have good content partners who provide us with the best inside knowledge
  • we ant to grow in impact
    • We want to really make a difference: reach more people with stories that shows people how interesting EU policy making is, that uncovers the hidden dynamics and become the talk of the town. Therefore we need not only the best stories, but also more visibility

What we are looking for

Brand partners:

Brands that want to connect their brand to ours and become our partner in taking the next step. By sponsoring our show or parts of it.

Content partners:

Partners that connect their knowledge or services to our show. Within our journalistic boundaries, we can give you a spotlight.

Production & publishing partners

organisations that can help us make our stories, show our stories or broadcast our stories.

interestted? contact us!