about the show

“when ‘Hardtalk’ meets ‘The Graham Norton show'”

Two journalists share their story and lift the veil on the mechanisms between politics, ‘spin’ and media. With the quiz of the month, plenary forecast & person to watch! The show lasts about one hour but the bar is open till late.

Brussels Bubbles is the infotainment show to understand how the EU really works. No long and boring panels, but up to speed, with humour and fun intermezzo’s. But teh stories our journalists tell, shed a new light on how the EU really works. They give the story behind the story.

Brussels Bubbles is the perfect event between leaving your cubicle and heading to Plux.

Brussels Bubbles is the place to meet new people from the bubble.

Brussels Bubbles puts journalists in front of the camera to put their stories, anecdotes, methods, reflections and insights in the spotlight.